How long will it take for the new generation AGA to reach the desired temperature?

AGA – Dual Control (New generation electric)

The ovens from cold to 80% of full capacity take around 4 hours and then a further hour to reach full temperature.

The boiling plate reaches temperature in around 11 minutes from cold, while the simmering plate reaches temperature in around 8 minutes.

AGA – Total control and AGA 60

The roasting oven takes around 1 hour to heat from cold. The boiling and simmering plate reaches temperature in around 8 minutes.

How long does an AGA take to cool down?

Due to the efficiency of the insulation you may not feel any perceptible change in the warmth being given off for several hours. Please note all services require you to switch off the AGA the night before to ensure it is cold enough to work on. (At least 12 hours)

30 Amp AGA – The cooker takes several days to cool down.

How often do I need to get my AGA serviced?

  • The AGA Dual Control and Total Control (new generation electric) require an interim service every 2 ½ yearsand a full service every 5 years.
  • Gas AGA cookers usually require a service every 12 months.
  • Oil AGA cookers should be serviced every 6 months.

 What pans can I use with my AGA?

Before purchasing cookware please ensure it is suitable and will give you the best from your cooker.

We recommend AGA cookware – please refer to the AGA cook shop buying guide (Link below).


Are oven temperatures adjustable?

AGA – Dual Control cookers are able to run at 80% of their full power dropping the temperature in the top oven from 250’ to about 200’ degrees with the other ovens proportionally lower in temperature.

Can I put my AGA anywhere in the Kitchen?

Traditional Agas generally need to be fitted against an outside wall or have suitable access to an outside wall to install a vent pipe.

New generation Agas can be room vented to be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen. Extractors are recommended.

Is installation and delivery included in the price?

The installation and delivery is included to a prepared site. Additional charges apply for non-standard delivery and installations.

Do you offer reconditioned Agas?

No, but please check our current offers on ex-display and demonstration cookers.